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Outreach and School Relations

Outreach Mission Statement

The Outreach Program's mission is to recruit prospective Foothill College students and prepare them to apply, register, connect to campus resources, and show up on day one.

To actualize this mission, Outreach will:

  • Strengthen relationships with local school districts and community partners
  • Advocate for historically underrepresented students to provide access and expand post-secondary education opportunities
  • Foster connections with students, families, and community groups to increase awareness of and encourage participation in Foothill College programs
  • Facilitate college entrance by disseminating critical information and coaching students through the application, financial aid, and registration processes
  • Build confidence in students to navigate the post-secondary system by providing access to college classes, career exploration, and development of basic skills
  • Connect students to detailed information about campus resources, to faculty and staff, to ensure a supportive and welcoming environment that inspires students to show up on day one


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