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Professional Development

FEI works closely with its partners to customize professional development, technical assistance, and coaching to maximize learning opportunities for educators and families together in order to build strong partnerships in realizing the influence of family on the healthy outcomes of children and youth.

Recognizing families as partners in change invites us to ensure that family identity is visible and respected in the learning environment. Learning can no longer be understood as a one-way exchange where we teach, they learn.

Educator Outcomes

FEI educator outcomes demonstrate positive shifts in beliefs and attitudes as a result of our programming: 

100% agreed, “I learned strategies to be more responsive with culturally and linguistically diverse families.” 

100% agreed, “I gained a deeper understanding of the importance of honoring cultural diversity, affirming family strengths & building partnerships with my students’ families.” 

100% agreed, “I am more confident in my ability to build a stronger community with my staff and families.” 

Gained Knowledge of Research-Based Family Engagement Practices

90-100% agreed they see the impact of Dual Capacity Family Engagement and the Cultural Wealth Framework on student success.

Learned to Connect & Communicate with Families

90-100% agreed they have a better understanding of their role engaging families, learned strategies to be more responsive to culturally and linguistically diverse families, and gained tools to communicate more effectively with families and share student data in meaningful ways.

Learned to Capitalize on Family Strengths Using Asset-Based Strategies

100% agreed they have a better understanding of what it means to value families’ assets and strengths, and were able to increase opportunities for families to be in leadership roles.

Learned to Promote College-Going Identities Among Families

100% agreed they actively promote college to all students and families, and gained a better understanding of the positive impact of the multigenerational college-going identity on student success.

This program allowed me to become the teacher I always wanted to be.

– Educator


Thank you for creating a space for educators and families to come together – to learn about, and with, one another.

– Foothill College Faculty

FEI’s professional development reminded me that we are one community. If we learn together, we become more connected and have a greater impact.

– Educator


My experience with FEI’s professional development was an eye-opening one. It challenged many of my assumptions and provided a deep understanding of the families I work with every day.

– Educator

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