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What is Financial Literacy? 

Financial literacy is the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively throughout one’s life.

Our Commitment and Goal

owl on dollarThe goal of the Foothill Financial Aid Office is to provide Foothill students with the information and tools necessary to make informed and effective decisions about their financial resources as a student and as a graduate. 

Foothill "Owl Financial Literacy" Workshop Series

Did you miss a workshop? You can watch a recording and access documents for download here! Also view FAQs under Basics of Banking & Interest.

Budgeting 101


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Basics of Banking & Interest


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Q&A from Workshop Session

All banks are backed? I thought only for-profit and credit union banks. Not online banks? Might you know?

Correct! Even most of the online banks can be insured by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). Check your online bank’s website, if they are FDIC-insured, they should disclose the information there. 

What is difference between ACH and Wire transfer? 

ACH transfer is typically free; however, can take a couple of business days to process. Where a Wire Transfer can be processed the same day, or even a few hours, but it can be more costly as the bank will charge you fees. 

How do you go about finding a trusted money advisor and certified one? 

You can start by searching for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) on this Let's Make a Plan website. Please, check the references and talk to CFP to see if she/he/they are a good match. If you are interested in learning more about banking, interest, or other financial literacy topics, you may search on YouTube as well – many CFPs offer free general advice online. 

Can you please include link to the money guy show too? 


Helpful Publications

40 Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know

There’s no way around it: College is expensive, but it is possible to pay for your education without sabotaging your financial future. 40 Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know is a resource that you can refer back to throughout the year when you have money questions. Click HERE to download a PDF copy

Also available in Spanish: 40 Consejos Para Administrar El Dinero Que Todo Estudiante Universitario Debe Saber

Your Spending, Your Savings, Your Future: A Beginner’s Guide

This beginners guide aims to help you get on track with your financial goals and make a better life for yourself and your family.  Get practical tips, hands-on worksheets and real-life stories from people who have been there themselves. 

Download a free PDF copy of Your Spending, Your Savings, Your Future: A Beginner’s Guide

Also available in Spanish: Tus gastos, tus ahorros, tu futuro: Guía de preparación financiera para principiantes

Money Geek-A Financial Literacy Handbook for All Life Stages

Making smart financial decisions is important whether you're a high school student, a recent college graduate, a first-time homeowner or a midlife worker. But learning how to spend, save and invest wisely doesn't have to be intimidating.

This handbook will:

  • Show what you can expect to spend money on based on your age
  • Provide you with strategies for managing your money
  • Teach you the basics of navigating life's major expenses

Click HERE to view the handbook.

Financial Literacy Articles and Tools

Comparing Federal and Private Student Loans

When it comes to paying for college, career school, or graduate school, federal student loans can offer several advantages over private student loans. This article will help explain which types of loans you may be offered.  Read Comparing Federal and Private Student Loans

Managing Money During College

 Not sure how to handle your finances and student aid (grants, scholarships, loans, work-study) while you’re in school? Read Managing Money During College


Want to learn about managing how you pay for school and what you spend money on, so you can worry less about debt and more about your career come graduation time? Read Students & Financial Literacy.

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy features ten different sections for everyone from tweens to retirees — and includes a detailed section for college students. Topics in the College Student 360 include college costs, loans and budgeting, as you’d expect. But there are also articles and blog posts for unique situations: What if you’re returning to college as an adult student? Can you afford to travel while in college? How can you keep financial stress from wrecking the holidays? The experienced CPAs advising the site have gotten questions that you may never have thought of — and that makes 360 Degrees a valuable tool for anything that might come up.  Read 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

Hands on Banking

Hands On Banking is a tool developed by Wells Fargo to help people at all stages of life learn the ins and outs of finances. The site provides customized courses for kids, teens, young adults, military servicemembers and others, with information tailored to your specific banking and finance goals. Each free course comes in a desktop or a mobile version (in English and Spanish), helping you learn “money skills you need for life,” wherever it’s most convenient.  Explore the Hands on Banking tool.

More Free Online Tools

There are various online tools designed to give you a simple way to create a spending plan, keep track of your spending, and help you stay on top of your finances. There are many tools available from which to choose. Here are a few examples of free apps and websites:

Nerd Wallet Cost of Living Calculator

 Want to see how much more or less it will cost to live in a city when you graduate? Check out Nerd Wallet Cost of Living Calculator.

Compound Interest Calculator

Estimate your savings or spending through compound interest. Check out Compound Interest Calculator.

Learn about Financial Literacy through FATV! 

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Additional Financial Literacy Podcasts & Influencers  


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