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AA in Accounting

Program Description

Accounting is the language of business. Accountants measure business activities, process that data into reports, and communicate the results to decision-makers. The accounting curriculum focuses on preparing students to transfer to four-year institutions, sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, and seek employment. Areas of study include accounting for decision-making, accounting for internal and external use, financial statement analysis, review of financial accounting standards, payroll and business taxes, individual and advanced taxation, computerized accounting software, auditing, forensic accounting, governmental and not-for-profit accounting, and ethics in accounting.

Learn more about the program on the Accounting website.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to explain accounting terminology, concepts, principles, and frameworks.

Students will be able to perform accounting-related calculations and demonstrate the ability to use methods and/or procedures to solve accounting problems.

Career Opportunities

Accounting programs prepare students for work as accountants, examining and preparing financial records for private industry, government agencies, individuals, and non-profit entities. General accountants use computers to record transactions, such as receivables, payables, payroll, and property into a general ledger. Corporate accountants set up and design accounting systems, procedures, and risk management programs, and analyze and evaluate financial records for businesses. Their duties include ensuring legal compliance, interpreting financial information, and preparing reports for business executives and government regulatory agencies. Advancement includes opportunities as a senior accountant, controller, treasurer, and chief financial officer. Certified Public Accountants and Certified Management Accountants are those who have attained professional certification by the state.

Award Type(s)

AA = Associate in Arts Degree

Units Required

Major: 53

Additional Information

All accounting courses satisfy the unit requirement set by the California Board of Accountancy (CBA). Students are advised to reach out to the CBA for any updates or changes related to the coursework. The accounting courses may not be challenged. Work experience does not replace courses.

Online Courses for Accounting

The courses listed BELOW are offered as online courses at least once every two years. Please see the Class Schedule for verification.

NOTE: Students having difficulty attaining an associate degree because of timing or availability of classes should consult with a counselor to submit a petition for course substitution.

Associate Degree Requirements

English Proficiency: Select one of the following
ENGL 1A Composition & Reading 5
ENGL 1AH Honors Composition & Reading 5
ESLL 26 Advanced Composition & Reading 5
or equivalent    
Mathematics Proficiency:
College-level math course at or above the level of Intermediate Algebra

A minimum of 90 units is required to include:

Completion of one of the following general education patterns: Foothill General Education, CSU General Education Breadth Requirements or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

Core courses (43 units)

Support courses (10 units)

*Additional elective course work may be necessary to meet the 90-unit minimum requirement for the associate degree.

Note: All courses pertaining to the major must be taken for a letter grade. In addition, a grade of "C" or better is required for all core and support courses used for the degree or certificates.

Core and Support Courses

Core Courses

ACTG 1A Financial Accounting I 5
ACTG 1B Financial Accounting II 5
or ACTG 1BH Honors Financial Accounting II 5
ACTG 1C Managerial Accounting 5
or ACTG 1CH Honors Managerial Accounting 5
ACTG 64A Computerized Accounting Practice Using QuickBooks 4
ACTG 64B Computerized Accounting Practice Using Excel 4
ACTG 67 Tax Accounting 5
BUSI 18 Business Law I 5
BUSI 22 Principles of Business 5
or BUSI 22H Honors Principles of Business 5
ECON 1A Principles of Macroeconomics 5
or ECON 1B Principles of Microeconomics 5

Support Courses (10 units)

Select 10 units from the following:

ACTG 51A Intermediate Accounting I 5
ACTG 51B Intermediate Accounting II 5
ACTG 51C Intermediate Accounting III 5
ACTG 52 Advanced Accounting 5
ACTG 53 Financial Statement Analysis 5
ACTG 54 Accounting Information Systems 5
ACTG 58 Auditing 5
ACTG 59 Fraud Examiniation 5
ACTG 60 Accounting for Small Business 5
ACTG 65 Payroll & Business Tax Accounting 4
ACTG 66 Cost Accounting 5
ACTG 68A Advanced Tax Accounting I 5
ACTG 68B Advanced Tax Accounting II 5
ACTG 68C Advanced Tax Accounting III 3
ACTG 75 Accounting for Government & Not-for-Profit 5
ACTG 76 Ethics in Accounting 5
BUSI 11 Introduction to Information Systems 5
BUSI 19 Business Law II 4
Total Units   54


Note that this is a list of fully online courses that satisfy degree requirements.

For a list of on-campus courses that satisfy degree requirements,  please visit Accounting 2023-2024 Degrees & Certificates.

Based on the 2023 - 2024 degree program.