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Steps to Register for Classes

MyPortal Registration Guide

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Updated Feb. 12, 2023

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Important Changes Effective Feb. 1, 2023

We're making improvements to the registration system in MyPortal this winter, and you'll see some changes for winter and spring registration.

  • If you need to add or withdraw from winter class after Jan. 31, you'll want to review the steps below first.
  • Also, become familiar with the changes before you register for spring classes.
  • IF YOU ARE A CURRENT STUDENT, SKIP TO Access Registration App in MyPortal on this page, as the changes start there!
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to our Admissions and Records Office.

Before You Start

Priority Registration

NEW STUDENTS: To register for classes in MyPortal, you must first apply for admission. Remember to declare a major (not "undecided") and select a goal of transfer, degree or certificate if you want to qualify for priority enrollment. Then come back to this page and follow the steps below to register for classes.

FORMER STUDENTS: You must reapply for admission if you missed a term, except if you skipped summer session. 

If you want to request an add code for an online class AFTER the quarter starts, you must be a continuing student or apply for admission to Foothill first.

Access Student Registration App in MyPortal

  1. LOG IN to MyPortal
  2. SELECT Apps from left menu
  3. Under Students, SELECT Student Registration tile/icon
    NOTE: You can CLICK the star to add this tile to your Apps Favorites.
  4. SELECT Registration Dashboard, where you'll find access to complete registration tasks as listed on the dashboard under the following categories:
    • Prepare for Registration
    • Register for Classes
    • Browse Classes
    • View Registration Information
Student Registration Icon

Choose What You Would Like to Do from the Registration Dashboard

Registration Dashboard


Invalid Login Denied Message

Ellucian log in error

If you see a Banner Ellucian — Invalid username/password Login denied —  message at any time while accessing the Dashboard or Tool Selections, this happens if your MyPortal login session has timed out.


  1. LOG OUT of MyPortal.
  2. QUIT your browser session (Firefox, Chrome, or Safari).
  3. START a new browser session and LOG IN to  MyPortal.
  4. If that does not work, please contact the Foothill Admissions and Records Office.


Prepare for Registration — Get Your Date to Register, Check for Holds

Of special note, get your date and time to register here for each term you are enrolled. And if you have a hold, contact the Admissions and Records Office to find out ow you can have it cleared.

registration status listReview all information you'll find in the registration status section:

  • View your registration status.
  • View your academic status
  • Check for holds on registration.
  • Get your date to register time ticket.
  • View earned hours.
  • View your major.

Browse for Classes

  • Search for courses in preparation for registration.
  • Before registration begins, you can browse classes here to plan your schedule.
  • You can also view the schedule on the Foothill website class schedule.
  • As noted, when you register, it's easiest if you have a list of CRNs written down for the classes you want to take!

Register for Classes

  • This is where you'll add, drop, or waitlist a class.
  • When registering, you can search in this section for classes to add, OR you can most easily enter the 5-digit CRN (Course Registration Number) to add classes.
  • Also view and manage your schedule.
  • See Register for Classes below for specific steps.


View Registration Information

  • Look up to view your past schedules and ungraded classes by term
  • View your active registrations for the term

View registration information to look up schedule


Register for Classes

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Select a Term

Select the quarter or session for which you are registering.

  1. From Registration Dashboard, SELECT Register for Classes
  2. SELECT a Term > CLICK Continue
    Select Foothill Term

Find Classes

To register for a class, you can Find Classes by searching for subjects, multiple at a time.

  1. CLICK the Find Classes tab
  2. Use the dropdown menu or type in one or multiple subjects.Find Classes Tab

  3. Scroll down and click on the Search button to see a list of classes for the subject(s) you want.

TIP: If you already know the CRN for the class you want to add, you can click on the Enter CRNs tab and add the class that way. For details, see Add Classes by CRN below. 


View and Add Classes

  1. When the list of courses appears, REVIEW each column for useful information.
  2. Once you decide on a class, CLICK the Add button in the right-hand column to add a class to your preliminary schedule summary. (See Complete the Registration for next steps).

View Courses


TIPS for Viewing Class Information

  • You can make any column wider or narrower by holding your cursor on the dividing line and moving to the right or left.
  • CLICK on each course Title to view more information about the course – including required textbooks, prerequisites and other helpful details.
  • HOVER over information in each column for a complete view.
  • Click on the Instructor's name to see their email. (You may need their email address to request an add code if the class is full.)
  • Click on the entry under Meeting Times to see the days, times and location of class meetings, as well as the starting and ending dates.
  • Look in the Status column and click on the entry for each class to see details about seat availability and spaces on the waiting list.

Complete the Add Registration

When you click the Add button, the class will appear as Pending in the Summary section in the bottom right area of your screen.

  1. Confirm the class was added to your Summary with a Pending status.
  2. Under Action, SELECT Web Registered and CLICK Submit button.
    Add a class submit

  3. CHECK that the class is now listed as Registered.
    Web Registered SummaryNote: If you want to  withdraw from the class once you've confirmed registration, from Action, SELECT ***Web Dropped*** and then Submit.


Whening adding a class, you may see an error message if you have not met a course prerequisite or if there is a registration hold on your account. Be sure to read any error message carefully and contact the Admissions and Records Office if you don't understand it. 

Add Classes by CRN

You can also add classes if you already know their CRN (Course Registration Number).

TIP: You can find CRNs by using the Browse Classes feature or checking the Schedule of Classes on the Foothill website.

  1. Select the Enter CRNs tab.
  2. Type in the CRN.
    CRN Tab
  3. To add multiple CRNs, click on + Add Another CRN for each additional class.
  4. When you have finished entering the CRNs, click Add to Summary and they will be added to your registration summary as Pending.
  5. Complete the same steps as above to complete registration.

Add Yourself to Waitlist

When you add a class and it is full, you can see if there is a waitlist.

  1. If available, SELECT Waitist from the Action Dropdown,
  2. CLICK the Submit button
    Waitlisted class
  3. Once you're on the waitlist, the registration system will monitor the class for openings. If a seat becomes available, the system will automatically add students in the order they are listed on the waitlist. If you are added, you will be notified by email.  
  4. To view your placement on the Waitlist, SELECT Schdedule Detail tab > CLICK pointer next to Waitlisted Course Title for expanded information view > FIND Waitlist Position.
    Waitlist placement example

Adding a Class with an Add Code

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the ADD CODE is for a waitllisted class on YOUR SUMMARY, you will need to first drop the class (see 8. Drop/Withdraw from a Class). Then follow steps here to add the class using the ADD CODE.

Steps to Add a Class with ADD CODE Prompt

  1. From Registration Dashboard, CLICK Register for Classes > SELECT Term and College (Foothill)
  2. SELECT Enter CRNs Tab > Add the CRN for the class you want to add > CLICK Add to Summary
  3. If you need an ADD CODE to continue, you will see a pop up prompt. > TYPE in the Add Authorization Code > CLICK Confirm
    add code prompt

  4. Next VIEW your Summary > For the class, you should now see Status Pending (Make sure **Web Registered** is selected for Action) > CLICK Submit.
    Submit button

Drop/Withdraw from a Class

  1. To withdraw from a class, go to your summary of classes.
  2. For a registered or waitlisted class that you want to drop, SELECT the ***Web Dropped***  from the Action menu.
  3. CLICK Submit button.
    Web Dropped

Request Pass/No Pass

For courses that offer this option, you can choose Pass/No Pass by clicking on the Schedule and Options tab.

Before choosing the option, please review our Pass/No Pass Guidelines.

Schedule and Options Tab

  1. SELECT Schedule and Options
  2. SELECT Grade Mode
  3. If Pass/No Pass is an option, make that Selection


Pay Your Fees

  1. CLICK on the Tuition and Fees link in your Summary box.
    Tuition and Fees Link
  2. VIEW your account details.
    Fees Listing
  3. To pay your fees, use the Bill Payment app in


Remember to Pay Your Fees

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