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Inter Club Council (ICC) and Clubs

How to Start a Club 

Enroll at Foothill College

First, enroll at Foothill College and pay your OwlCard Student ID fees which funds our sponsor, the Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC) and our beloved clubs. 

Explore current clubs

Check the current club list to see if there already is a club that aligns with your interest. 

Join clubs

To join a club anytime, contact the ICC Rep. from the club list on the home page. If there isn't a club that interests you, or you would like to start a new club, please refer to the section below. 

Activate or reactivate a club

If there isn't an active club that suits your needs, you can reactivate or start a new club. Check the All Past and Current Club List to see if you would like to reactivate a club that has existed in the past. If your club is not on that list, you can create a new club. 

Every club must have a faculty/staff advisor who should attend club meetings & events, and be responsible for signing off on budget and paperwork items. Complete the Activation/Reactivation form within the first 4 weeks of the quarter after finding a faculty advisor & obtaining signatures of five preliminary members. 

Appoint an ICC Representative

Appoint a club member who will represent the club at weekly ICC meetings. The ICC representative is responsible for managing club paperwork, funding, and communicating between ICC and the club. Find more information at our ICC Meetings & Representives page.

Set up your club

With your new club members, draft and turn in a club constitution within the first three weeks of activating. This constitution is what defines your club and its purpose, including positions, requirements of membership, and planned projects. If you need help with creating the club constitution, use the Constitution Guideline.

All new clubs have an account opened and start up funds of $50 placed into their account after they submit their constitution within the first month of activation. Check out the pages on Planning Events & Club Funding for more information. 


Make sure you...

  • Check club list for past and present clubs.
  • Find a faculty/staff advisor.
  • Appoint an ICC Rep. (can be yourself).
  • Complete the Activation/Reactivation Form.
  • Turn in a club constitution.
  • Enjoy your club & participate in FC activities!

Question? Contact current ICC officers for more information. 

Campus Center

Contact Me!

Paulo Verzosa, ASFC VP of ICC


Campus Center, Upper Level, Room 2013

Student Activities Office Contact

Victoria Strelnikova

Student Activities Coordinator and ICC Advisor 

Office Hours

  • M-F: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.