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Shared Governance

College governance provides an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to express their opinions and provide feedback to the college president on college planning, allocation of resources, and the evaluation of institutional effectiveness.

ASFC Campus Council responsibilities include appointing officers and students to campuswide committees

AFSC Participation on 2020–2021 College Councils

Equity & Education Council

See E&E Council meeting information


Community & Communication Council

See C&C Council meeting information


Revenue & Resources Council

See R&R Council meeting information


Advisory Council

See Advisory Council meeting information


Fifth Council




All Governance Senates & Committtees

See our complete list of governance groups at Foothill for meeting dates and times.



The ASFC Campus Council meetings resume in Fall 2021 weekly on Thursday from 2-4 PM. More information

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2021-2022 ASFC President Fatai Heimuli

Campus Center, Upper Level, Room 2013