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Enrollment and Registration Day Events

During fall, winter and spring priority registration dates, we offer on-campus Enrollment or Registration Days to help new and continuing students get the classes they need for the upcoming quarter. Check below for the most current upcoming event.

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Save the Dates • Monday & Friday, July 26 &  29

Join us for our next enrollment days for Fall priority registration.

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Why Attend an Enrollment Day

We know starting college can be both exciting and overwhelming, and our Foothill counselors and staff are here from the start to help you succeed.

Our enrollment process, referred to as matriculation, has five key steps that will help you transition into college life:

  1. Completing your college application 

  2. Attending orientation

  3. Going through testing and assessment evaluations

  4. Meeting with a counselor to develop an educational plan

  5. Registering for courses  

We've got your back through each step of the process — with workshops for each step throughout the day.

By attending each workshop, you can ask questions, learn from pros, and connect with other students starting their college journey!

Why Attend A Registration Day Event

Even if you've completed all your steps to receive priority registration, you may have questions about registering for classes each new term.

Our student services support team members are here to help with that so that you can register for classes as soon as eligible based on your registration date!

Remeberm, we've got your back through each step of the process — with support for each step.

By attending a Registration Day when offered, you can ask questions, learn from pros, and connect with other students along their college journey!

We're excited to help you enroll in college and continue on your educational journey at Foothill.

Please look for Registration Days offered during Fall Quarter for Winter Registration and Winter Quarter for Spring Registration!