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Probation & Disqualification

Probation FAQs

Q. Where can I check to see what level of probation I am on?

Log into MyPortal and click on the  “Registration” tab. Click “View Holds” in “Registration Tools” box on left.

Q. How do I know which intervention to take part in?

You will receive an e-mail from Admissions and Records with specific instructions on which intervention activity to complete and how to have your probation hold cleared after completing the intervention activity.

Q. I am a student at Foothill, but plan on taking classes at another college next quarter. Can that college clear my hold?

No, you need to complete the intervention activity at Foothill College to have the hold cleared.

Q. I previously completed a Level 1 probation intervention and am now on Level 1 probation again. Do I have to complete the intervention again?

Yes. The information will be a good refresher and is the only way to clear the hold.

Q. If I am on probation, can I see my unofficial transcripts on MyPortal?

No, you must complete the probation intervention activity and have the hold cleared on your student account to regain access to your transcripts.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions?

Visit the Foothill Counseling Center in Room 8302 (3rd floor) or email us at:

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