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Probation & Disqualification

Steps to Clear Probation Hold

Foothill College has five levels of academic probation.

Students placed on probation will receive an e-mail from Admissions and Records notifying them of their probation level and intervention activity needed to have the hold removed from their student account.

DEADLINE to complete the winter 2019 probation activity:

March 27,  2019

  • NOTE: Probation holds are cleared within 3-5 business days of the date the activity is completed (excluding weekends and school holidays).
  • RECOMMENDATION:  Complete your probation activity at least TWO WEEKS before any important registration deadlines to avoid delays. 
  • PRO TIP:  Spring 2019 registration begins Feb. 27, 2019. Complete your probation intervetion by Feb. 13 to ensure you will be cleared to register on time.

Students are strongly advised to complete the intervention before their spring 2019 registration date.

Level Name Consequence Action Required of Student
1 Basic
  • Hold on student account
2 Moderate
  • Hold on student account
3 Severe
  • Counseling appointment on hold
  • Loss of BOG Fee Waiver (effective F'16)
4 Pre-Dismissal
  • Hold on student account
  • Loss of BOG Fee Waiver (effective F'16)
6* Dismissal
  • Hold on student account
  • Loss of BOG Fee Waiver (effective F'16)
  • Sit out one quarter

*6: This is not a typo. There is no level 5.


Visit the Foothill Counseling Center in Room 8302 (3rd floor) or email us at:

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