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Mental Health & Wellness Center

Clinical Mental Health Internship Trainee Program

The Foothill College Mental Health & Wellness Center is proud to offer a Mental Health Internship Trainee Program. MFT trainees, or LPCC trainees must be enrolled in a college or university program that requires an internship/practicum placement to be completed prior to graduation.

Applicant Inquiries Accepted Through February 28 

  • All inquiries should be emailed to Alexis Donato at
  • Please include your resume and a cover letter.
  • Applicants will be interviewed in person the first four weeks of February, and notified by mid-March.

Essential Functions of Interns/Trainees

Foothill College Mental Health & Wellness Center interns/trainees will provide the following clinical services:

  • Intake
  • Clinical assessment and treatment planning
  • Individual short-term counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Community linkages and referrals
  • Facilitation of support groups

Foothill College Mental Health & Wellness Center includes a focus on prevention, education, and early intervention services. Mental health interns/trainees will also have an opportunity to provide non-clinical services, including:

  • Conducting mental health educational presentations for classes and other student groups
  • Delivering workshops on stress management and student success topics
  • Conducting outreach
  • Collaborating with Student Wellness Ambassadors on program planning of events and campaigns


What does an intern case load look like?

Our interns do not have a ‘case load’ necessarily. They typically see no more than 3-4 students in individual counseling sessions per 8-hour day. 

What supervision is offered?

Interns are offered a minimum of 1 hour of individual, and 1.5 hour of group supervision per week. Additional supervision is available as needed per requirements of program, or as additional support.

What training is offered?

  • Initial on-boarding training includes two days prior to the start of the Fall quarter on processes and procedures.
  • On-going monthly trainings from outside professionals on various modalities/topics related to the field of mental health.
  • Various lectures, workshops, webinars offered either on Foothill College campus, or via other collaborations throughout the year.

What does a typical day look like?

  • Interns have the ability to make their own schedule by communicating with the students that have been assigned to see them. The interns day can start/finish around their own scheduling, given the assurance that they are meeting the requirements of their graduate program.
  • Staff meetings are held bi-weekly Mondays
  • Interns may see individual students in session, typically no more than 4 sessions per 8-hour day.
  • Available for ‘drop in’ hour one day per week from 12-1.
  • Interns may provide support to any of our student engagement groups that provide mental health advocacy and promotion on Foothill’s campus.
  • Individual or group supervision [day/time TBD. Group supervision likely Tuesdays or Thursdays]
  • Clinical charting, emails, etc.

What are the hours?

The Mental Health & Wellness Center is open 8-5 M-Th and 8-3 Fridays.  

Is Foothill College looking for interns with clinical experience?

Although this is preferred, we honor and recognize that the internship by design is a place to learn. If a candidate has a strong clinical sense, and desire to learn, they are considered a possible candidate. 

Does Foothill College accept first year or second year graduate students?

We only accept second year graduate students in a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program [LMFT or LPCC track]. Unfortunately, we are not able to supervise MSW or LCSW track students at this time.

How many other interns will I be working with?

We will have 2-3 interns. Our department employs 1 part-time LMFT, 1 PsyD, and 2 full-time LMFT

When does the internship start and end?

We begin the 2nd week of September for onboarding. Classes start the 3rd week of September for the academic year and we end our academic year the last week of June.

Are there any special considerations I should be working with this population?

    • We see a variety of age ranges here at Foothill College. Our typical students are age 18-25, but we see many students older also. Our student population tends to be students from a variety of underrepresented populations such as being from a low-income situation, unhoused, first-generation college students, international students, LGBTQ+, undocumented students, and the BIPOC communities.
    • Many students we see are struggling with academic distress, however we also see students where this is their first encounter with therapy.
    • They may be experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, family relationship issues, grief and loss, relationship stress, cultural issues, racial trauma, and many more.

Is there a stipend offered or is this position compensated?

We are currently offering $4000.00 for the year stipend pending approval on annual funding.

Are counseling appointments virtual? If so, is the equipment provided?

  • Yes, we do offer virtual appointments for our student counseling appointments.
  • HIPAA compliant Zoom accounts are provided.
  • All work for the MHWC is done in person on campus.


My program requires me to have counseling experience working with groups. Is that experience available at Foothill?

Yes, there will be group development and execution opportunities available.

What does the onboarding/training look like?

Our onboarding training for Fall 2024 will be the week of September 16. We have training ranging from logistical information (software, procedural, etc) as well as clinical training on short term methodology, suicide assessment and general counseling practices.



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