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tbh = To Be Honest, an Online Space for Mental Health

Build Real Skills with Real Therapists

Mental health is for everyone. Yup, you too. Whether you’ve done therapy before or not, tbh is a great place for you to build up a mental health routine. It’s like a gym for your mental health: a place where you can proactively work on whatever’s on your mind and learn useful skills that will help you be happier.

Get the expertise of therapists + the support of other students in a friendly and casual space.

Take Care of Yourself with tbh


Here's How tbh Can Help

Services are all free and personalized, available for you anytime—anywhere you are!

1:1 Coaching

We get to know you and suggest therapists who match your needs and experiences. You meet with any therapist YOU LIKE, virtually, for unlimited weekly check-ins. 95% of our therapists are people of color, compared to the 14% national average for therapists.

Group Sessions

We hand pick a therapist and 5-9 other students (from Foothill AND other schools) who match your background and preferences, and provide you with a support community to meet with, virtually, once a week. You can talk or just listen to others speak – totally up to you.

Mental Health Content

We offer fun things like quizzes, blogs, and tips — all created and curated by therapists. Get answers to your pressing questions and learn more about yourself.

Caring Text Support

Humans, not bots. You can chat with our (100% human) care team about anything you need. From the minute you sign up, tbh staff is here for you!

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What Foothill students say about their tbh experiences . . .

This tbh group definitely made me feel like I am not alone. My coach was amazing and made me feel so safe and open to new ideas. She has truly helped to change my perspective of the world.

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"What I like about tbh is that I can show up as myself. Some sessions I speak, and some I spend listening. Regardless, I am not made to feel guilty for how I feel or present myself."

"tbh helped me not overwhelm myself with thoughts that usually take over my daily life. When students are in a tbh group, it’s like a team."

"With tbh, you can express what you're feeling; you can find people that you can relate to."

"As a community college student, there's so much pressure on you. You can't keep it inside. "

"It's been nice to see people of so many different origins having similar problems to me. For me, opening up in a group setting like that is easier."

"tbh helped me with how to stop procrastinating and to deal with stress."

"tbh helped me solve challenging problems that were jeopardizing my academic work and tbh helped me form better habits for school."

Still have questions? We've got answers!

What do I need to do to sign-up?

Sign up on the tbh website with your email. You answer just a few questions so that we can get a sense of who you are and what you’re looking for. You can then immediately pick a therapist and  request 1:1 sessions. Using your answers, we create group sessions that work for you and we will reach out (usually within a few days to a week) with group options.

Is tbh therapy?

We designed tbh to be less intimidating than therapy! The program was built so that you get a better understanding of yourself, but without the pressure. You also are able to build friendships and connections with other students — something you don’t do in therapy. You get the expertise of therapists, but sessions are not therapy. They do not involve diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment.

How much does it cost?

You can access tbh FOR FREE as a Foothill student. We will not need any payment information or payment.

Create an Education Plan

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How many tbh sessions can I attend?

However many you want; it’s totally up to you! Typically, you can only schedule one 1:1 session per week but you can do multiple group sessions a week.

Will tbh sessions count towards my Foothill Psychological Services Counseling session limit?

No. You have access to all 10 individual sessions per year through Foothill’s Psychological Services.


If I don’t have insurance, can I use tbh?

Yes! You do not need insurance to use tbh and we do not collect insurance information. 

If I’m an international or undocumented student, can I use tbh?

Yes! We are available to ALL students. Our coaches (who are professional therapists) come from all walks of life and life experiences, and we can offer 1:1 sessions in Spanish if preferred.

Do I need to download an app to use tbh?

Nope. All you need is an Internet connection (or data plan). You can access tbh through most phones, tablets, and computers.


What kind of commitment do I need to make?

After you sign up, we’ll give you group options but you do not need to accept a group. If you decide to try a group, all you need to commit to is trying out one group session! Groups run either as a one-time thing or for a once-a-week session throughout the semester. For 1:1 sessions, all we ask is that you give us notice if you can make a session you’ve scheduled.

Is my information safe with tbh?

We respect your data privacy and will never share it with unauthorized third parties. Group members and your coach will keep all conversations and interactions private and confidential. Your school doesn’t know what you say in a tbh session, with the exception of extremely rare cases if there is a genuine concern for your personal safety. 

Will I meet people from my school or other schools?

We don’t match groups based on school. Instead, we match groups VERY carefully based on the information you share with us (things like life experiences, personality type, and personal goals), in order to make sure that your group is the best fit for you. If you join a tbh group, you’ll probably meet a combination of students from your school and other schools. If you have a strong preference either way, please let us know and we will make it work for you!

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns?

You can reach us via email at or text us at 415.895.3932.




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