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Mental Health & Wellness Center


From Our Students


"I hold a great deal of my success this past school year to our meetings. This has been the most positive and effective therapeutic experience in my life."

– H.C.

“We don’t have to shoulder everything on our own. Thank you so much for your guidance.”

– M.D.

“In those few weeks you gave hope and strength that will last for a long time. You change people from the inside and give them hope.”

– M.M.

“I came for counseling and she ended up being the spark that led me to where I am now. I was going through some issues I thought I’d have to deal with the rest of my life. However, with her help, I learned ways to stop it from affecting my academic success.”


“Someone who started off as a stranger pushed to understand what I was going through. I feel so inspired and she presented the choices in my life as choices. Not obligations.”


“Your 8 sessions in the past quarter helped me stabilize the emotion and find the way out, so I could focus on the study. Thank you for the warm-hearted help!”


“You have inspired me to do great things and overcome obstacles in my life.”


“Once I confronted my demons of fear, pain and abuse, I was able to move on in life.”



From Our Faculty


“I meant to reach out to you and thank you for the session we did with EL earlier in the quarter.  You were really great and that was very helpful. As I have been doing final grading this weekend, I was reflecting and appreciating that EL emerged as a star student and leader in this class. Fantastic performance on all levels - academically, creatively, technically and ALSO collaborating with other students and "mentoring" them with support and encouraging other students to be more engaged. Foothill College Rocks.”


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Mental Health & Wellness Center


Bldg 2100, Office 2120 Campus Center, Lower Level (next to Health Center)

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