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Getting Started

Thanks for choosing Foothill College!

We have an open-door admission policy. If you have a high school diploma or equivalent, you're in.

We're on the quarter system with a shortened summer session.  For registration and other important dates and deadlines, see the academic calendar.

Steps to Enroll

These steps have shown higher success and are helpful in achieving your goals. In order to receive the highest date to register these steps are required, but are not required to enroll in classes. *High School Students are not eligible for priority registration*

Apply for Admission

ALL NEW STUDENTS apply with the same Foothill College online application form EXCEPT for the following:

  1. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS applying for F1 Visa or transferring F1. 
    See International Student Program Application
    See Trade Apprenticeship Application Steps

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: If you are enrolled in Grades 9-12,  you'll use this form when following Dual Enrollment Steps


If you want to qualify for priority enrollment, remember to include your major (not "undecided") and goal of transfer, degree or certificate when completing the application and then follow steps 2-4 on this page after you apply.

If you are undecided, review your major and goal options at Foothill before you apply. You can easily change your major and/or goal after you apply but must include this to get the best possible registration date.

If you are ready to apply, see tips for completing the application before beginning the application.

You can also review the application guide.


Complete Orientation

  • You have three options to meet this requirement.
    1. Take Counseling 5 (1-unit course)
    2. Complete Online Orientation
    3. Attend an Enrollment Day (in summer for fall registration)
    For more information about each option and how to sign up or enroll, see Options for Completing Orientation.

Meet Assessment Requirements

Create an *Education Plan

*You can register for classes prior to this step, but it is encouraged to meet with a counselor if an appointment is available.

Comprehensive Ed Plans are created in the 30-minute appointment.

To meet with a counselor

Register for Classes

Once you've completed these steps, you will get priority enrollment to register for classes.

Register with MyPortal

Steps To Register for Classes

Pay for Classes

Pay your fees as soon as possible after registering. If you need help paying for college, we offer financial aid options and payment plans. Remember that you may be dropped from your classes if you do not pay in a timely manner. 


IF you are a high school graduate or equivalent, first-time-to-college student, and plan to take 12 units or more (full-time status), you are eligible to have the cost of tuition and fees fully paid for your first year at Foothill. Learn more about Foothill College Promise!


Not Sure Which Steps You Need?

We know everyone is unique.

Maybe you are transfering from another college or taking classes while in high school or a first-time-to-college military veteran. Maybe you are returning after a few quarters away from Foothill or a college graduate looking to take a class for personal enrichment and fun!

IF this is your FIRST TIME applying for admission,  answer What Kind of Student Are You? to see other steps you may need to follow.

IF you are an Undocumented Dreamer

  1. Apply for admission with the Foothill College online application form
  2. Then see if you qualify for AB 540 California Nonresident Tuition Exemption

IF you are a Military Veteran

  1.  Apply for admission with the Foothill College online application form
  2. Then, for additional steps, visit the Veteran Resource Center

Disability Support Services & Alternative Media

If you require alternative media services or other accommodations, visit our Disability Resource Center.

Find Out Who To Contact